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One of the best gyms in NJ and definitely the best in the area. Tons of specialty bars, strongman gear, and other pieces of equipment you won't find in a commercial gym like sleds, tires, a reverse hyper, GHR, and more. Owner is extremely friendly and seems very passionate about strength training. If you are in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Jon M

Forget the big-box gyms that try to impress you with a million and one worthless treadmills, this gym is the real deal. There are some seriously strong men and women that train here and everyone is friendly. The gym isn't huge but I've never had any issues with sharing equipment. They have a wide variety of barbells which is really nice, along with power cages, a monolift, a deadlift platform, and tons of dumbbells. It's everything you need if you're a serious weightlifter, powerlifter, body builder, or crossfitter.

David F

Amazing atmosphere, tons of equipment, helpful and insightful staff, and home to many elite athletes makes Garden State Barbell the best gym I have ever been in. If anybody wants to take their training to the next level, or start your training the right way, go to GSB.

Alexander P

I started powerlifting about 5 months ago. So far I have put on 15 pounds of muscle. Increased my bench press, Deadlift and, Squat. Most importantly improved on my technique. The staff there and members are all experienced and genuine people who really look out for you and will help you if you show drive to succeed. I intend on even gaining more strength in the future and couldn't thank the staff and members for their help. I highly recommend this gym to anyone looking to improve on their form and strength. You have excellent resources here.

Mahdi S

By far the best public gym in South Jersey. If you are a serious powerlifter, or athlete that lives in the area this is the gym you need to be training at! Leaps and bounds ahead of any other gym in the area, no space is wasted holding useless equipment or machines that do nothing for you. The people are also great at all levels from members to ownership. Which also contributes to the phenomenal atmosphere found at this gym.

George W

Without a doubt, the best and most hardcore gym in south jersey. The staff is awesome and the members are just as great, always motivational and offering helpful advice. No other gym provides the atmosphere or equipment necessary to make the gains you will make in this gym!

Nick R

Had the opportunity to train here with Nick tonight. Absolutely love the facility and everything he's doing with it. Tons of speciality gear for those serious about training and not just ''working out''. There's definitely nothing like it in the area and it's going to be a huge success with everything Nick has planned for the future. Can't wait to train here when we're up to visit. Check out it, you, won't regret it!!

Mike C

South jersey's best gym right here. Coming from a person that was once in a commercial gym, this is a huge advantage for anyone trying to take their training to the next level. A lot of equipment no other gyms have. The people and the atmosphere is just what you need to push yourself. Check it out and see what a real gym is like!

Matt C

Best Gym in New Jersey. The attitude, atmosphere, and drive the people that work at the gym and the gym in general is amazing. And the push/pull meet was awesome! No other gym you would know would do any of this. 10 out of five stars, THIS is the GYM to lift at!

Gabe C

Best gym around, reminds me of the old gyms from when I was a kid, awesome atmosphere, the owner Nick is a great guy, great owner... Found my home in this gym!!

Anthony C

One of the best gyms in south Jersey! Definitely give it a shot if you've never been here. Nick (Gym owner) and his staff are just as awesome.

Joey J

Solid warehouse gym with serious lifters. The atmosphere in this place is pretty great. If you're about that life check it out! Won't be deadlifting or squatting anywhere else!

Cody C